"Thank you. Superb speedy delivery. Item arrived earlier than expected which was excellent. Ginger Tea ... absolutely brilliant. After being told I cannot drink caffeine anymore with my health issue this perfect cup of ginger tea helps alleviate and soothe my bowel pain when I have a flare up. Easy to prepare and drink slowly. Soothing Drink. Don't miss caffeine at all. Highly recommended. " - Donna Tindal​​​

"Quick delivery (I'm in France). The expiry date is: 03 2020". Very happy to find a great selection of flavours that I never saw in the shop in the UK whilst I was there. " - Anne Mélissa

"For all tea lovers - this variety pack is good value and gives you the chance to try out lots of different types. " - Fiona Forsyth

"I have ordered my second box. Arrived quickly and the flavours are really nice. A good way to sample the brand. " - Anamaria DCosta

​​​​​​​"Some are delicious, some not to my liking but at least this has given me an opportunity to try out the Pukka range without purchasing whole packs of individual teas. Highly recommended as they have expanded my repertoire of teas considerably! " - Mrs Maggie Bulloch